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Fresenius Vial provides this information for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute a school or educational program or to replace the advice, treatments, diagnosis or recommendations provided by health professionals.

Users are informed that they must consult a doctor or any other competent medical staff before using any product mentioned on the Site.

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Fresenius Vial endeavours to check the veracity of the information and to keep the site up-to-date. However, no guarantee is made concerning the accuracy, precision, the update or the completeness of the information made available on the Site.

Consequently, and with the exception of a serious or willful misconduct, Fresenius Vial disclaims any liability for any damage arising from, among other things, any imprecise or inaccurate information available on our Site or for any damage resulting from an unauthorized intrusion of a third party on our Site with the intent to harm the interests or the image of Fresenius Vial, in particular by distorting the information listed on the Site.

The liability of Fresenius Vial may not be incurred for any damage or viruses that could damage or render your computer equipment unusable following the visit of our Site.

In any event, the information presented on this Site may not a substitute the instructions for use attached to the products, which should be consulted carefully before any use of the products presented, or medical treatment.

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In order to facilitate the access to other sites that may provide additional information, Fresenius Vial has inserted a certain number of links in its site. Nevertheless, the liability of Fresenius Vial may not be incurred in relation to a third party site you may have accessed via our Site. Fresenius Vial has no means of controlling the content of these third party sites. In any event, Fresenius Vial is not responsible for the unavailability of sites, their content, advertising or other elements available on third party sites.

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